Christophe Pillault - a remarkable artist Christophe Pillault - a remarkable artist

Christophe Pillault Olivet France was born in Iran in 1.982. An autistic savant, he is unable to talk, walk or feed himself. He ...

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Ben Pridmore Ben Pridmore

Achievements Pridmore is the 2.009 World Memory Champion, a title he also won in 2.004 and 2.008.  From Derby in the United King...

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Magnus Carlsen Magnus Carlsen

Birth: 30 November 1990 (21 years) Nationality: Norwegian Occupation: Chess Player Sven Magnus Carlsen Øen (November 30, 1.990, Bærum, A...

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Christopher Taylor unconventional genius Christopher Taylor unconventional genius

There’s a book by Smith & Tsimpli from 1.995 called “The Mind of a Savant : Language Learning and Modularity.”  This excerpt is f...

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Orlando Serrell Orlando Serrell

Orlando L. Serrell (born 1.968) is an "acquired savant" someone who exhibits savant skills after CNS injury or disease, as opposed...

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Anthony Torrone Anthony Torrone

Anthony Torrone (born circa 1.955) is an American Christian author who is developmentally disabled.  A savant, Torrone's 2.011 bo...

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Henriett Seth F. Henriett Seth F.

Born : Fajcsák Henrietta 27 October 1.980 in Eger, Hungary Occupation : Autistic savant artist Literary movement : Autistic art Influences ...

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George Widener George Widener

George Widener is an autistic savant with the ability to perform incredibly complex calendar calculations in mere seconds.  He can al...

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Tommy McHugh Tommy McHugh

One of 12 kids in a large Irish family… Boxing… Prison…  A thriving building firm… Junkie… Wives… Children… Friendships bitter and sweet…  ...

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Dane Bottino Dane Bottino

Dane Bottino is a self-taught artist. He started drawing when he was two years of age.  He is autistic and lost his beginning language ab...

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Robert Gagno Robert Gagno

Robert Gagno is an autistic young man who may never live independently from his parents, but he has an incredible talent : he's one of t...

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Daniel Tammet Daniel Tammet

Born : 31 January 1979 (age 33) - London, England Occupation : Writer, educator Daniel Tammet (born on 31 January 1.979) is a British writ...

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