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The Savant Syndrome

The Savant Syndrome

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Johannes Mallow

Johannes Mallow (left) with Wigald Boning (right) at the opening ceremony for the Year of Science in Magdeburg 2.006.

Johannes Mallow (born June 7, 1.981 Brandenburg an der Havel) is a German memory sportsman. 

He studies Communication Technology at the Otto-von-Guericke University of Magdeburg. 

Besides he is working as a mind trainer for highly gifted children and also at the Folk High School in Magdeburg.


2013 Memory Champion of Germany
2012 World Memory Champion
2012 Memory Champion of Germany
2011 runner-up at Memory Championship of Germany
2010 runner-up at World Memory Championships
2010 Memory Champion of Germany
2009 runner-up at World Memory Championships
2008 Memory Champion of Germany
2008 Memory Champion of North Germany
2007 World Memory Champion in the discipline of Historical Dates
2007 Memory Champion of North Germany
2006 Memory Champion of North Germany

World records

Memorize 492 abstract images in 15 minutes (July 27, 2.013 in Isny_im_Allgäu/Germany at the German Memory Championship 2.013).

Memorize 912 numbers in 15 minutes (March 23, 2.013 in Rom/Italy at the Italian Memory Open Championship 2.013).

Memorize 132 Historical Dates out of 140 in 5 minutes (September 25, 2.011 in Gothenburg/Sweden at the Swedish Memory Open Championship 2.011).

Memory System

He is using the Method of loci. 

Many memory sportsmen use this method. 

His particular instance of the message uses 1000 images with corresponding numbers, so that each combination of 3 digits corresponds to a unique image.