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Jason Padgett was cashier of a store in Tacoma, Washinngton. But his life changed when he got an extraordinary mathematical ability imme...

Jason Padgett was cashier of a store in Tacoma, Washinngton. But his life changed when he got an extraordinary mathematical ability immediately upon receiving blows to the head during an assault.

One night I was coming out of a karaoke club in Tacoma when he was stopped by a couple of individuals who apparently wanted his jacket.

The attackers knocked him down and kicked repeatedly in the head.

The doctors said he had a concussion, but two days later discovered that Padgett had acquired the ability to draw mathematical diagrams and observe complex numbers geometrically in nature.

Ten years later Padgett says you can not disable this feature to observe cerebral language of mathematics in the outside world.

"I see pieces of the Pythagorean theorem ubiquitously.

Every little curve, every spiral, every tree is part of this equation. "

Berit Brogaard, a neuroscientist at the University of Missouri, Padgett led to Finland where they performed an MRI, which showed that the brains of young had a damaged area and part of his brain was compensating the damage by activating areas that are generally not accessible .

According, Brogaard, Padgett is a "savant" purchased (the "savants" are people, usually autistic, with outstanding cognitive abilities) Here are other 5 cases, of people who possess extraordinary abilities.

Jason D. Padgett is a number theorist with Acquired Savant Syndrome from Anchorage Alaska, currently living in Tacoma Washinton.

The beauty of numbers and their connection to the pure geometry of space time and the universe is shown in his fractal diagrams.

Fractals are shapes that when decomposed into pieces, the pieces are the same or similar to the whole.

His is currently studying how all fractals arise from limits and how E=MC2 is itself a fractal.

When he first started drawing he had no traditional math training and could only draw what he saw as math.

Eventually a physicist saw his drawings and helped him get traditional mathematics training to be able to describe in equations the complex geometry of his drawings.

He is currently a student studying mathematics in Washington state.

His drawing of E=MC^2 is based on the structure of space time at the quantum level and is based on the concept that there is a physical limit to observation which is the Planck length.

It shows how at the smallest level, the structure of space time is a fractal.

He does his own fractal diagrams and can also create new ones by request. 

His price for originals depends on the difficulty of the fractal.

So sit back and enjoy the beauty of naturally occuring mathematics in pure geometric form connecting E=MC2 (energy) to art.

All are HAND DRAWN using only a pencil, ruler and compass.