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Sudden musical genius Derek's story in his own words Although my discovery at the age of 40 would have nothing to do with aut...

Sudden musical genius

Derek's story in his own words

Although my discovery at the age of 40 would have nothing to do with autistic relevance, I found myself to be among some of these very special people I define as gifted! 

On October 27, 2.006 I had gotten together with some friends for a pool party. 

What took place that afternoon would change my life forever. 

As I dove into the swimming pool, I remember coming up out of the water complaining that my ears were bleeding. 

As I looked to my friends for explanation of what had happened, I recall their lips moving but without sound. 

As I touched my ears to check for bleeding, I realized there was no blood, and I couldn't hear anything at all. 

At that moment, I remember collapsing, and to this day cannot recall anything else from my accident. 

I had struck the bottom of the swimming pool and I was immediately taken to the hospital for a head trauma. 

I was medically diagnosed with a serious concussion, and shortly after would discover a 35% loss of hearing and memory loss that still affects me to this day. 

As I began to recover, I finally began to realize what had taken place. 

Although I cannot to this day remember several events from that particular time frame in my life, I did in fact recover reasonably fast as to the physical aspects from my injury. 

As I went to say my goodbye's to friends and family, for some reason I sat down at a piano, and from that day on, my musical abilities would continue to fascinate me, my family, and my friends as to what had transpired into something absolutely amazing! 

As I shut my eyes, I found these black and white structures moving from left to right, which in fact would represent in my mind, a fluid and continuous stream of musical notation. 

My fingers began to scale the piano keys as if I had played all of my life. 

I can't explain the feeling of awe that overcame my entire being, although I can tell you the expression on my friends face was enough to put us both in tears. 

I could not only play and compose, but I would later discover that I could recall a prior played piece of music as if it had been etched in my minds eye. 

Four days after my accident I had discovered this amazing experience. I asked my mother to visit the music store with me. 

I simply told her that I just wanted to show her something. 

We found the nearest piano as I asked her to sit next to me. I remember asking her if she was ready. 

I shut my eyes and hoped that I would again see these black and white structures moving left to right. 

I began to play as if I was exploring some unfound treasure that had been locked up all this time in my head. 

My mother sat and cried, and then asked me, "what are you doing." My response was simple, "I guess God decided to give me my birthday present a bit early this year mom.

" My life at that very moment changed as I knew something very special had taken place. I have since left my corporate job and continue my personal quest to share this most miraculous testimony with the world, as I do believe in miracles! 

As spoken by friend, Gerry Gomez :

We commonly refer to Derek as "Rainman Beethoven." I have been fortunate to work along side Derek since his musical discovery. 

I have seen many amazing things take place throughout my life, but this particular situation has left me speechless. Immediately following his musical discovery, I began to research documented cases in regard to the study of savant syndrome. 

We spent countless hours watching videos and reading information as to people who have this gift of savant syndrome, most of which were autistically related. 

To date we have not found another medically documented case where immediate or sudden musical savant syndrome had been acquired from a brain injury. 

Shortly after Derek's musical discovery, he was invited out to Los Angeles to display his musical abilities. 

We received a phone call just one week after his trip asking to provide a instrumental arrangement for a film agency in Japan. 

Derek's musical work was selected as best in instrumental genre and shortly following, Derek would be selected as the 2.007 Independent Artist of the Year by the Association of Independent Artists. 

We have displayed Derek's musical work with all media facets throughout the country in hopes to share this amazing experience with as many people possible.

Today, Derek is currently preparing for the release of his new album and will continue his efforts to speak and perform sharing this musical testimony of a lifetime. 

Derek's music is being played in most countries throughout the world and he will continue to be active with charity events that support (TBI) traumatic brain injuries.