Rüdiger Gamm Rüdiger Gamm

Rüdiger Gamm (born July 10, 1.971) is a German "mental calculator".  He attained the ability to mentally evaluate large ar...

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Elisabeth Sulser Elisabeth Sulser

In Zurich, there’s a woman with incredible sensory powers.  When Elisabeth Sulser hears music, she can see it and taste it too S...

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Eşref Armağan Eşref Armağan

Born in 1.953 in İstanbul, Turkey Work field : painting Eşref Armağan is a blind painter of Turkish origin.  Born without sigh...

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Scott Flansburg Scott Flansburg

Pen name : The Human Calculator Occupation :Mental Calculator Language :English Nationality :American Notable work(s) : Math Mag...

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Faster than a computer