Cardenal Giuseppe Caspar Mezzofanti (19 September 1.774 – 15 March 1.849) was an Italian cardinal and famed linguist and hyperpolyglot. ...

Giuseppe Caspar Mezzofanti

Cardenal Giuseppe Caspar Mezzofanti (19 September 1.774 – 15 March 1.849) was an Italian cardinal and famed linguist and hyperpolyglot.

Born and educated in Bologna, he completed his theological studies before he had reached the minimum age for ordination as a priest; he was ordained in 1.797.

In the same year, he became professor of Arabic at the University of Bologna.

He later lost the position for refusing to take the oath of allegiance required by the Cisalpine Republic, which governed Bologna at the time.

In 1.803 he was appointed assistant librarian of the Institute of Bologna, and soon afterwards was reinstated as professor of Oriental languages and of Greek.

The chair of Oriental languages was suppressed by the viceroy in 1.808, but again rehabilitated on the restoration of Pope Pius VII in 1.814.

Mezzofanti held this post until he left Bologna to go to Rome in 1.831 as a member of the Congregation for the Propagation of the Faith (Congregatio de Propaganda Fide), the Catholic Church's governing body for missionary activities.

In 1.833, he succeeded Angelo Mai as Custodian in Chief of the Vatican Library, and in 1.838 was made cardinal of the title of St. Onofrio al Gianicolo and director of studies in the Congregation for the Propagation of the Faith.

His other diverse interests included ethnology, archaeology, numismatics, and astronomy.

List of languages spoken

Mezzofanti was well known for being a hyperpolyglot who fluently spoke thirty-nine languages.

Also, the study by Russell indicates that many of the dialects are so different that they actually should be seen as a separate language.

Classifying the languages and dialects according to today's language system, over 150 years later, would be a separate study.

The list, in the conclusion of his study :

"Languages frequently tested, and spoken with rare excellence."

Biblical Hebrew
Rabbinical Hebrew
Ancient Armenian
Modern Armenian
Ancient Greek
Modern Greek
Czechish, or Bohemian

"Stated to have been spoken fluently, but hardly sufficiently tested."


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Johannes Mallow (left) with Wigald Boning (right) at the opening ceremony for the Year of Science in Magdeburg 2.006. Johannes Mallow...

Johannes Mallow

Johannes Mallow (left) with Wigald Boning (right) at the opening ceremony for the Year of Science in Magdeburg 2.006.

Johannes Mallow (born June 7, 1.981 Brandenburg an der Havel) is a German memory sportsman. 

He studies Communication Technology at the Otto-von-Guericke University of Magdeburg. 

Besides he is working as a mind trainer for highly gifted children and also at the Folk High School in Magdeburg.


2013 Memory Champion of Germany
2012 World Memory Champion
2012 Memory Champion of Germany
2011 runner-up at Memory Championship of Germany
2010 runner-up at World Memory Championships
2010 Memory Champion of Germany
2009 runner-up at World Memory Championships
2008 Memory Champion of Germany
2008 Memory Champion of North Germany
2007 World Memory Champion in the discipline of Historical Dates
2007 Memory Champion of North Germany
2006 Memory Champion of North Germany

World records

Memorize 492 abstract images in 15 minutes (July 27, 2.013 in Isny_im_Allgäu/Germany at the German Memory Championship 2.013).

Memorize 912 numbers in 15 minutes (March 23, 2.013 in Rom/Italy at the Italian Memory Open Championship 2.013).

Memorize 132 Historical Dates out of 140 in 5 minutes (September 25, 2.011 in Gothenburg/Sweden at the Swedish Memory Open Championship 2.011).

Memory System

He is using the Method of loci. 

Many memory sportsmen use this method. 

His particular instance of the message uses 1000 images with corresponding numbers, so that each combination of 3 digits corresponds to a unique image.

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Antonio Magliabecchi was a famous librarian, scholar and librarian born in Florence in 1.633. Son of Marco Magliabecchi, and Ginevra ...

Antonio Magliabecchi

Antonio Magliabecchi was a famous librarian, scholar and librarian born in Florence in 1.633.

Son of Marco Magliabecchi, and Ginevra Baldorietta Bourgeois.

Although Magliabecchi was apprentice goldsmith and worked it until his fourteenth year, Michele Ermini, librarian of Cardinal de 'Medici, recognized his talent and taught him latin, greek and hebrew.

In 1.673 he became librarian of Cosimo III de 'Medici. Magliabecchi became the central figure in the literary life of Florence, and scholars from many countries wanted to meet and correspond with him.

Although its important position given enough recognition, is remembered more for their personal abilities, and their great ability to memorize all what he reads.

He has been described as a literary glutton, and more rational librarian maniac since read each and every one of the books that fell into their hands.

His personal library contained about 40,000 books and 10,000 manuscripts.

His house was literally overwhelmed by books, the stairs were full of them, and even reached the front porch.

Have been told many stories about his amazing memory, which was "like wax to receive and marble to save".

One of the best known of these stories says when asked Cosimo extremely rare book, he replied: "Sir, there is only one copy of that book in the world, is in the library of the Great Lord in Constantinople, and is the tenth first book of the second shelf to the right as you enter. "

In worldly matters, Magliabecchi was extremely confused. 

Even forgot to claim his salary for a year. 

He wore his clothes until he fell because he thought it was a waste of time to change clothes every night: "Life is so short, and there are so many books."

He welcomed all scholars who asked, provided they do not disturb you while working.

I had a special craze for the Jesuits.

One day a man told the Palazzo Riccardi and said: "Here came the new birth of learning", and then, turning to the college of the Jesuits: "there came to bury him."

It was a wild looking man, very careless with himself.

He refused to be expected, and rarely off his clothes to go to bed.

Your dinner is usually based on three boiled eggs and a little water.

Had a small peephole in his door, he could see all those who came to him, and if he did not want his company, the rejected.

It is said that never in his life he left Florence to go more than Pratz, where he accompanied the Cardinal Norris to see a manuscript.

He died at age 81 (in 1.714) in the monastery of Santa Maria Novella.

He donated his books to the Grand Duke to be used as a public library, and his fortune was donated to the poor.

In 1.861, King Victor Emmanuel joined his collection, known as private Magliabechiana the Grand Duchy, forming the National Library.

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Harry Lorayne (born 1.926) is an American magician and a memory-training specialist and writer who was called "The Yoda of Memory Tr...

Harry Lorayne

Harry Lorayne (born 1.926) is an American magician and a memory-training specialist and writer who was called "The Yoda of Memory Training" by Time magazine. 

He is well known for his mnemonic demonstrations and has appeared on numerous television shows including The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson. 

His book The Memory Book was a New York Times bestseller. 

His card magic, especially his innovations in card sleights, is widely emulated by amateur and professional magicians.

Life and career

He grew up in New York's Lower East Side and he learned sleight of hand at the Hamilton Fish Park in the 1.930s. 

At age 18, he began to perform as a table magician at Billy Reed's Little Club at 70 E. 55th St. in New York. 

The actor Victor Jory, noted for his role as a magician detective, was a regular visitor to the club. 

Lorayne started performing memory tricks for Jory and Jory's enthusiastic response changed Lorayne's approach to performing.
He began appearing on national television in 1.963 (after hosting a local show of his own in 1.951, The Prof. Magic Show), first on I've Got a Secret, where he demonstrated his ability to remember everybody's name in the audience.

Later appeared on The Ed Sullivan Show and numerous other television shows including Jack Paar, The Merv Griffin Show, The Mike Douglas Show, The Regis Philbin Show, Good Morning America, The Today Show, That's Incredible, David Susskind. 

He was a regular performer (23 times) on The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson.

To demonstrate his memory, Harry Lorayne would stand beside the president of the club he was visiting and be introduced to each member. 

The number of members of a club could reach up to 1,500. 

After an hour and a half, Lorayne would speak about memory for about 20 minutes and then ask if anyone had a question. 

He promised that he would pay any questioner whose name he could not remember a thousand dollars. He always remembered the names of every member of the audience.

Lorayne also made news by memorizing and recalling information from phone books with no errors. 

On just about every public appearance demonstrating his memory abilities, he would meet all the people in the audience, then he would open his show by asking all the people he met to please stand. 

He'd ask them to sit down as, and if, he pointed to each person and said his or her name. 

He sat down everyone in the audience. He had a memory school in New York employing such instructors as Darwin Ortiz. 

His video course (Memory Power) was used as part of the training of many top corporations.

Harry Lorayne is a prolific author of memory training books intended for the public, as well as writing books for professional magicians. 

His ''The Memory Book'' has sold over two million copies, whilst in Chronicles: Volume One, Bob Dylan writes that he read Lorayne's book shortly before breaking through as a music star after finding it in the book collection of a friend.

For twenty years, Lorayne wrote and published the monthly magazine Apocalypse. 

He is also a columnist for Genii (magazine).

Publications :

How To Develop a Super Power Memory (1957)
Harry Lorayne's Secrets of Mind Power (1961)
Close-Up Card Magic (1962)
Personal Secrets (1964)
The Harry Lorayne Memory Isometrics Course (1968)
My Favorite Card Tricks (1965)
Dingle's Deceptions (1966)
Miracle Math (1966)
Best of Bill-fooled (1967)
Deck-Sterity (1967)
Reputation-Makers (1971)
Tarbell #7 (1972)
The Great Divide (1972)
Good Memory - Good Student! A Guide to Remembering What To Learn (1972)
Rim Shots (1973)
Afterthoughts (1975)
The Memory Book: The Classic Guide to Improving Your Memory at Work, at School, and at Play (1974)
The Epitome Location (1976)
Remembering People (The Key To Success) (1976)
The Magic Book (1977)
The Card Classics of Ken Krenzel (1978)
Quantum Leaps (1979)
Best of Friends, Vol. 1 (1982)
Memory Makes Money (1985)
Best of Friends, Vol. 2 (1985)
Star Quality (1987)
Super Memory, Super Student: How to Raise Your Grades in 30 Days (1990)
Trend Setters (1990)
Doug Edwards Packs A Wallop (1997)
Complete Guide To Memory Mastery (1998)
The Himber Wallet Book (1998)
Personal Collection (2001)
How to get Rich Using the power of your mind (2003)
The Classic Collection, Volume 1 (contains Close-Up Card Magic, Personal Secrets, My Favorite Card Tricks, Deck-Sterity, The Epitome Location) (2005)
Ageless Memory: Simple Secrets for Keeping Your Brain Young (2007)
Best of Friends, Vol. 3 (2007)
The Classic Collection, Volume 2 (containing Reputation-Makers, Rim Shots, Afterthoughts) (2008)
The Classic Collection, Volume 3 (contains Quantum Leaps, Trend Setters, Dingle's Deceptions, The Great Divide) (2010)
Special Effects (2011)
The Classic Collection, Volume 4 (containing The Magic Book, Star Quality, The Card Classics of Ken Krenzel) (2012)

Columns : 

Apocalypse Magazine - 1978-1997
Genii Magazine

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