Temple Grandin Temple Grandin

Born August 29, 1.947 (age 64) Boston, Massachusetts, United States Nationality American Institutions Colorado State University Alma ...

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James Henry Pullen James Henry Pullen

James Henry Pullen (1.835–1.916), also known as the Genius of Earlswood Asylum, was a British autistic savant, possibly suffering from aphas...

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Gilles Tréhin Gilles Tréhin

Gilles Tréhin (born 1.972) is a French artist, author, and creator of the imaginary city of "Urville".  His book, also titled Urv...

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Jason D. Padgett Jason D. Padgett

Jason Padgett was cashier of a store in Tacoma, Washinngton. But his life changed when he got an extraordinary mathematical ability imme...

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Jonathan Lerman Jonathan Lerman

Jonathan Lerman (born 1.987) is an American autistic savant outsider artist.  He was born in Queens, NY, and currently resides in the...

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Derek Amato Derek Amato

Sudden musical genius Derek's story in his own words Although my discovery at the age of 40 would have nothing to do with aut...

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Alonzo Clemons Alonzo Clemons

Alonzo Clemons is an American animal sculptor and a savant.  He lives in Boulder, Colorado. Clemons suffered a severe brain injury as a ch...

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Mark Boerebach Mark Boerebach

Mark Boerebach is a savant, able to recall Australian music chart top hits from the 1.970s and 1.980s. Personal life Boerebach was born bl...

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